Importance of beard Oil

Beard Oil

Ultimate skin and beard health

Beard oil is a versatile product that is beneficial for not only your glorious beard, but also the skin beneath it. Oil acts as a deep, leave-in conditioner and will soften your facial hair while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. Because of the role that beard oil plays in your skin and hair health, be sure to use beard oils that contain all-natural essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances and harmful additives. Essential oils are beneficial for your hair and skin, and there is a huge variety of alluring scents to choose from. Essential oils can act as a light cologne, giving off scents that will draw in others through your majestic man mane.

Beard oil has all the moisturizing and softening effects you expect from a beard product, but won’t leave your beard so shiny that you look like you just filmed an Herbal Essences commercial. Oil will give your beard a clean, matte appearance if applied properly. The less oil you use, the less sheen your beard will have. Maximize the effects of your oil by brushing or combing it through your beard after applying it for a sleek, sexy, healthy beard. 


What kind of beards can utilize beard oil?

Oil works best for those with facial hair ranging from short stubble to a medium-length beard; however, it can also be used by those with longer whiskers. Using it can help reduce itching in men with a tendency toward dry skin, or those in the early phases of growing beards. You often hear how beards cause men's faces to itch, creating a barrier preventing men from growing out their luscious facial locks. Well, beard oil is the answer.

It also works well for men with regular or slightly oily skin, as oil is a light natural moisturizer that will not leave your skin or beard feeling greasy. Here at Modern Man Beard Company, we’ve formulated our beard oils to absorb quickly and imitate the oils that your face naturally produces throughout the day.

Check out Modern Man Beard Company's line of beard oils, carefully crafted to suit the needs of every beard. With our signature blends, we guarantee your beard will be looking, feeling, and smelling its finest.