Lowdown on Beard Growth Oil

Does Beard Growth Oil Work?


Our Beard Growth Oil does promote healthy and fuller hair growth. If you have a patchy beard or cant grow hair on your cheeks and certain areas, this product will help stimulate hair growth. 

However, you should not anticipate going from baby face to majestic beard any time soon. Hair growth is, for the most part, genetic. There are prescription medicines out there to help hair growth and prevent hair loss, however they come with severe side effects and will likely lead to hair growth all over. 

Our Beard Growth Oil contains natural and essential oils that work together to promote healthy skin and hair while simultaneously stimulating hair growth at the follicle. 

It does not make hair grow magically faster. What it does is improve the health of the hair follicle, giving your beard a strong base to build on as it grows. Oils in our products like Jojoba and Argan Oil will help promote stronger hair that will in turn be a thicker, fuller beard.

Just as important, it also improves the health of the skin underneath the beard; it reduces dryness, and therefore prevents dandruff in the beard.

How to use Beard Growth Oil

It is simple. You want to promote hair growth and healthy skin/hair for as long as you can. Apply the product just as you would any other beard oil. 

Really you just apply a few drops to your beard or palms and massage into you hair and skin. It also works great if you brush the beard oil evenly through your beard with a bristle brush or wooden comb. 


Seeing a thicker, healthier beard will be great but you should consider continuing to use the oil after you see results. When you stop using the Beard Growth Oil, you take away what was stimulating the hair growth and keeping your skin and hair healthy. Eventually, your beard will fall back to its old ways. Because of this, we recommend several months of use at a time. One bottle can go a long way with a few drops a day or every other day.