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Bare Beard Butter

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Bare Beard Butter.

What is beard butter? Simply put, its a soft balm that provides a soft support for your man mane without appearing or feeling greasy. Once you treat your beard with this product you will realize what you have been missing.

Our beard butter reaches deep into your beard to to moisturize your skin, with Argan and Jojoba Oils to deeply penetrate and moisturize the hair follicles while Shea Butter seals and shapes your beard. Our butter is designed to give your beard a slight hold, while providing a conditioning effect without a greasy look or feel. 

Unscented, this beard butter can be applied with any scent of our beard oils without providing a clashing profile. Combine the two amazing products to create the perfect beard look.


Soft hold, nourishes and conditions.
Provides a soft, natural look to your beard.
Conditions your beard and skin during the day.
Keeps your beard looking perfect!


To apply, gather a quarter sized amount of beard butter between your fingers and massage into your beard and skin. Comb the butter thoroughly through your beard or simply shape with your hands.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Galwhay
Soft hold with a natural look

This butter was incredible addition to the beard routine. Now that I have a little bit of length on my beard, the butter helps me style it to shape the hair to fit my face and look how I want. There is no greasy residue or feeling after applying, and the hair is not held stiffly like it would be with a balm or wax. If you have a short beard, try the butter.