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Beard Growth Oil

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The Modern Man Beard Company Beard Growth Oil is hand-crafted with premium ingredients (a proprietary blend of essential oils and vitamins) to bring you the best beard growth results possible.

Great Beards Take Time.

There is no magical formula. Genetics plays a large role in beard growth, but that does not mean you can't speed up the process. We recommended continued use for extended periods, as the oil targets the skin and hair follicle that are the foundation of your beard growth. 

Is Your Beard Growth Oil Really ALL Natural?
Absolutely! We have combined a powerful mix of proven, all-natural ingredients to maximize the growth of your facial hair. 

Is Your Beard Growth Oil Safe?
Yes. Unlike other hair growth products, our Beard Growth Oil contains no chemicals or dangerous toxins. Every ingredient is all-natural which makes our product perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. 

What If I Have Sensitive Skin?
No Worries! Other products rely on harsh chemicals to promote hair growth. As a result, men with sensitive skin often suffer from redness, irritation, and itchiness after prolonged use. By including only all-natural ingredients, our product can be applied to even the most sensitive skin without worrying about redness or irritation.

How Long Do the Results Last?
Since Beard Growth Oil provides your hair follicles with essential nutrients to enhance hair growth, the results will likely dissipate once you stop using the product. Once your hair follicles stop receiving the benefits of our Beard Growth Oil, your beard's growth will revert back to its original tempo.


Immediately increase your confidence. 

No more thin patches.

No more embarrassing beard attempts.

Customer Reviews

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John Maciolek

great stuff

Ryan Galwhay
Solid Results in 3 Months

I have been using the growth oil for about 3 months now and have seen substantial results. Under my chin and the middle of my cheeks have always been weak at growing facial hair, but it has filled in very well in recent weeks. I no longer have to try to trim down my beard to keep it short and not looking patchy.

Stephanie Ghole
Boyfriends Beard is Amazing!

I got this for my boyfriend to help his beard grow better since he was always down about it and it is getting better almost weekly! His cheeks are full with hair now after having empty spots before.

Joaquin Beatty

still using it tho but I can see slight changes in my hair growth and my hair feels so soft now. recommended!