What Is Your Beard Care Routine?

A beard routine? What's that?

Most men sporting beards simply don't know what goes into maintaining their facial hair. What they don't realize is that with a great beard comes great responsibility.  


However, beard care products are simple to apply and not as diverse as people might think. Don’t worry, I’m going to break down what I do on a daily and weekly basis so you can see just how quick and painless beard care can be. 


Wash, Wash, Wash!

Trust me, it feels good. Massage and rinse your beard every day in the shower, making sure to get in deep to touch the skin beneath and clean every hair on your face. 


These products will dry out not only the skin beneath, but also leave your beard hair feeling coarse and tough.

Dry and Apply

You don't want to be drying your beard rough or leaving it to air dry. Patting your beard dry and giving it a light rub down in the morning will keep it pristine.  Dry the beard down to roughly 90%, leaving it slightly damp.


Beard oil is the foundation of a healthy beard and you really MUST apply beard oil daily to keep your skin and beard healthy.  Reduce the itch, dandruff and dry skin beneath your beard by applying beard oil daily and keeping your beard shining.

When you apply the oil, first go under your beard and apply to your skin, then use the extra to lube up the beard. As for how much to use? Depends on the size of your beard. Start off with a few drops and increase with the length of your beard.

Hand Shape and Comb

After you apply the oil, it's time to style your beard to perfection.

A good beard comb is essential and we highly recommend a wood comb with wide teeth to avoid static and snagging for longer beards, and any choice can be used for shorter beards.

First start by going under your beard and comb everything out, away from your face.  Once it's combed out, comb it back down and into place, shaping the beard hair around your face.

This next step really only applies to longer and especially curly beards, since shorter hairs will be much less willing to change shape.

After I’ve oiled and combed my beard, causing the hairs to lie in a lengthened position, I use my hands to gently cup and compact it into the shape I want. This step helps big time in cutting down on the number of strays I have to trim.



Trim Strays and Shave Neck/Cheek

To keep the temptation to majorly alter my beard at bay, I’ll snip anything that is outside of my desired silhouette about once or twice per week. This is just enough maintenance to keep it looking good between more substantial trimming sessions.

I would advise you to line up your neck and cheek line at about the same frequency as you would shave your entire face. If your beard grows extremely fast and heavy, every other day would be best, but if your beard growth is lighter and slower, once or twice per week will suffice.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I personally limit shampooing and conditioning my beard to a couple times per week to save time during my grooming routine. This also helps preserve the health of the hair.  It is not recommended to use these products on any hair on a daily basis, your beard is no exception.

We recommend that you massage conditioner into your beard to evenly distribute, let soak in for 30 seconds, then rinse. The process is really the same as with hair conditioner.